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You can now
see energy.

See our powerful IoT client for innovative data management in energy monitoring and more, and uncover features such as detailed reports and environmental stats.


Where magic

The IoT cloud acts as a virtual space where devices share data seamlessly. This network enables control of diverse IoT devices, which can scale to millions and be used in a multitude of business domains

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Effortless and
accurate billing.

Introducing the innovative solution for building management encompassing automated tenant billing, expense management, cloud storage for documents, digital polls and a secure built-in way to communicate with other users.

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your office.

Simplify your energy journey with our Office monitor - tailored for your office. Real-time insights, hassle-free installation. Step into a smarter, greener lifestyle!

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your business.

Revolutionize energy control in your business with our Business monitor – accommodating three-phase circuits up to 100A. Experience efficient energy management without compromising on simplicity.

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your industry.

Optimize performance with our Industry monitor – built for three-phase circuits above 100A and measuring electricity in all four quadrants. Empower your industry with the future of energy management.

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data logging.

The NB-Fi modem provides a means to transfer data securely. It's a reliable solution that can be placed in hard-to-reach places with a long lasting battery life.

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base station.

Volts is the global vendor for NB-Fi base stations. NB-Fi operates in the free ISM band and provides exceptional sensitivity, sophisticated data security, scalability and much more.

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Smart relay

Volts Active

A smart relay with Ferroelectric RAM ensures non-volatile memory, addressing memory loss concerns. 2 high quality relays and Real-Time-Clock enable reliable offline operation, preserving configurations locally.


Mobile App

The app supports all the functionalities of the web version, so you can be flexible. How cool is that?

We can help
your savings

Case study

Our client was suspecting wrong amounts were billed as the sum fluctuated up to 20% each month. Moreover, transparency of the bills and method of calculation was also an issue.


We offered the installation of 4 Energy Proffie meters in order to capture all circuits and provide sub-metering for the office level.


The client received full transparency of their usage and confirmed their suspicion of over-billing. The cloud data allowed them to negotiate better terms with the landlord and ensure predictable energy expenses.

We can impact
your ESG rating

Case study

DHL was looking to complete their goal of introducing energy efficiency following a widespread company directive for greener warehouses.


We offered the installation of 6 energy meters to capture all circuits of the warehouse.


DHL received full data transparency and managed to track patterns and peaks in their energy usage.

We can make
you informed

Case study

Toplivo had difficulty tracking the energy consumption of various large machines and warehouses due to distance from one another. This meant higher energy bills and a challenge when billing tenants.


We offered the installation of 6 Energy Business meters in order to capture all circuits and provide data at important points.


The client received easy to access historical data and weekly automated reports. This allowed them to stay within planned savings and also bill tenants correctly.

We can help
you be efficient

Case study

Rila Hotel needed a way to bill their tenants for energy bills. Moreover due to old devices, the total monthly consumption did not add up and introduced unexpected expenses.


We offered the installation of 67 energy meters - a combination of our portfolio.


The client utilised automated reports to tenants and discovered sources where energy wasn't initially being tracked.

We can innovate
your business

Case study

Our Client wanted to track all gas points in order to calculate their balance. It is very important for their operations to know that the gas that comes in should be distributed.


We created a radio planning of the areas of operations and offered a large number of NB-Fi base station alongside a custom solution to measure gas through our modems.


The client received speed and precision for the project and a clear understanding of their gas capacity for each hour of the day.

We can help
you reach far

Case study

The client was eager to find and test a device that could penetrate thick metal shafts where IoT devices could be located.


We offered the installation of 55 NB-Fi modems with a high IP rating and an NB-Fi base station to collect the data.


It was confirmed NB-Fi can penetrate the thick metal shafts and communicate with the modems in wet conditions. In turn the pilot was successful.



How much does Cloud cost?


We provide four possible subscription levels including a free subscription. For detailed pricing, see the pricing page .

How does Cloud store data?

plus-icon Cloud organizes and stores time-series data using its timestamp and organizes data across time based on its dimensional attributes.

What Is The Best Way to Contact


You are more than welcome to email at We also offer a tickets in our Support Desk Platform so you can interact with a support representative.


How secure is my data?


All data is stored and processed on physical servers situated in the EU, managed by A daily backup routine is implemented to safeguard your data.

Why choose a cloud-based Energy Managment System?


Installing software on hundreds or even thousands of desktops and mobile devices is a thing of the past. Businesses around the world are now discovering the benefits of a secure online environment hosting their data, software and services.


What benefits does a Cloud bring to me?


Thanks to the real-time visualization of all energy data, they are faster and more efficient at detecting alerts and optimizing consumption on a continuous basis. Thanks to the monitoring of all CO2 emissions of all sites, they can involve their teams, track the reduction of their carbon impact and standardize the counting of the emissions in all the group.

How the magic works?


Prompt introductory meeting.

Set the tone for collaboration, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and laying the groundwork for a productive and engaging partnership.

Your electrical projects on our desk.

We are confident in our ability to seamlessly integrate and implement our solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient execution to meet your objectives.

Analyse the possibilities.

Analyzing the possibilities opens the door to strategic insights, allowing us to chart a course of action that maximizes potential.

Create a solution and offer.

Creating a solution and offer involves crafting a tailored and innovative resolution to address your needs, presented with clarity and value to ensure a compelling proposition for mutual success.

We visit your site.

We are committed to understanding all the details of your location firsthand. This on-site approach enables us to tailor our expertise in energy meters to your specific infrastructure, ensuring precise recommendations and seamless integration for optimal efficiency and performance.

Approve and sign the contract.

This step solidifies our partnership, setting the foundation for a collaborative journey towards shared goals with transparency and clarity.

Launch and configure the project.

With a strategic approach, we ensure that the project takes off smoothly, setting the stage for success and achieving the envisioned outcomes.

Train you to use the system.

The personalized training plan equips you with the expertise needed to navigate, optimize, and derive maximum benefits from our system's capabilities.

Warranty and post-warranty support.

Our dedicated support team remains at your service, offering continued assistance and maintenance to guarantee the sustained efficiency and longevity of the system.


to inovate + create
inspiring engineering
solutions that leave
a valuable impact
on our society


to pave the way for
an interconnected
through digital

  • Angel Angelov


    Limits and fears are always just an illusion.

  • Simeon Kuninski


    In my work life, happiness comes from inventing products and delivering services that are in favor of society and the people.

  • Stefan Bankov

    Backend Team Lead

    I set challenging goals and aim to surpass them while learning and having as much fun as possible along the way.

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    Frontend Team Lead

    Everything is possible if you pursue it hard enough.
    Be satisfied with your decisions. Satisfaction breeds happiness.

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    Hard work is worthless for those that don’t believe in themselves.

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    He that does good to another does good also to himself.

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    The devil is in the details.

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    R&D Engineer

    Jack of all trades - a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

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    Hardware Engineer

    Strength does not come from winning. Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

  • Borislav Stoychev

    Fullstack developer

    Everything looks impossible, until it is done.

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    Design Team Lead

    Designing is like cooking: sometimes you need a dash of creativity and a pinch of humor

  • Denis Daskalov

    SMM Expert

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    Break barriers, build bridges. In the world of business, creativity connects opportunities.

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Dear Visitor,

Welcome and thank you for visiting Volts. It is a great honour for me to introduce you to our journey.

Our purpose is to create! We were born to make a world impact through technological innovations, using genuine curiosity and scientific knowledge! This is our way to create gravitational wave in the universe and to leave a positive heritage for the next generations.

As serial entrepreneurs we deeply believe that companies are a natural extension of the personalities and the team behind, representing their core values and believes.

We are thankful and value every single day of our relationships with our clients, partners and like-minded people throughout the technological community and we find deep satisfaction in seeing our ideas, innovations, and plain hard work result in real improvements in the life of the Bulgarian and world societies. But it is not just about whom we serve, or what we do, but also how we do it that distinguishes us. I deeply believe that our company and our people have to be happy and free to do the right things the right way. We must be structured and aligned on truly creation of added value for our customers, not just in our words, but also in our daily actions.

Our Philosophy is that we seek to become our customers’ most trusted partner by delivering reliable, high-quality technology. We listen to our customers to understand what they need before we propose a solution, then we guide them and help them in receiving value that exceeds their expectations. We make commitments carefully and we do what we say we will.

We are strongly committed to being a preferred employer by providing our team with freedom and trust, challenges and opportunity to grow, creating environment of respect and fairness, where their personal contributions make a difference, and where those contributions are acknowledged and rewarded. We are fully convinced that only happy people can be truly creative. We preach work-life balance and because of that all our team member have a 4 day work week from any location.

We are grateful to the many customers, partners and colleagues who trust and work with us. Thank you all!

Angel Angelov


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